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A channel for creators

Hi Creators, my name is Dirk,

I'm reviewing gear for creators, hands on. No stock images, it's all real.

Real tests, real results. You get my unbiased opinion.

To keep it interesting I change locations a lot and try to give you new impressions and new images with each review 


Most content on my channel is not sponsored, so if you're in the market for some of the products, please consider using my affiliate links. 

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, which helps me to grow my channel.

My latest reviews:

Meike55mmf1.4 (1).jpg

The Meike 55mm f/1.4 is an APS-C autofocus lens. With only $199 it is half the price

of the Sigma 56mm f1.4, but it offers almost the same sharpness and image quality.  

Front Filter size is 52mm. It features 11 elements in 8 groups and it has 9 blades.

It has almost no distortions, good contrast and colors.

It is great for street photography and for portraits. 

The minimum focusing distance is 2.05 ft / 61 cm 

The only issue are CA's on high contrasts that are not in focus. 


On Amazon:

Zhiyun Molus B100.jpg

The Zhiyun Molus B100 is a 100 Watt COB LED light with an interesting open housing design for better cooling featuring the DynaVort Cooling Sytem. It ranges from 2700 - 6500 K, and has a TLCI & CRI 96.

It has a full size Bowens Mount allowing to attach all kinds of diffusers and light transformers.  

The fan noise is comparable to other studio lights - I tested it in the video. 

You can completely operate this light from the ZY Vega App on your phone

On Amazon:
Comica Vimo C.jpg

The Comica Vimo C is a wireless dual channel microphone system with 2 transmitters and 1 receiver. It can be connected to cameras, Android phones and Apple devices. It comes in a charging case and for it's tiny size it delivers the best sound quality. 

It is currently my preferred set when I'm traveling. 

It picks up some surrounding noises - in a pleasant quality. I don't use the built in noise cancellation.

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