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The Zhiyun Molus X60 RGB is a 60 Watt COB LED light in pocket size. With a range from 2700 - 6500 K, a TLCI of 97, CRI 96, it is completely flicker-free and super travel friendly. 

Fan noise can be an issue for film makers - I tested it in the video. 

You can completely operate this light from the ZY Vega App on your phone


The iFootage Anglerfish SL1-130 BNA is the full package, a COB LED that fits in the palm of your hand - at least if your hands are similar to mine - with a 130 Watt Light power output. With a range from 2700 - 6500 K, a TLCI of 99, CRI 98, TM-30 Rg 100 it is completely flicker-free and it truly simulates the natural sunlight, giving your talent amazing skin colors.  

You can completely operate this light from the Lumin + App on your phone

Intensify your lights


I am tested new products from iFootage,

a Fesnel - the 6FPM, a Light Intensifyer, the 3INT-MB Mini Bowens Mount Spotlight Intensifier and a unique V-Mount Clamp, the LC-01 Light Controller Clamp

As you know, my tests are hands on and there is a lot of good to say about these products, but they are not perfect. Using the Intensifier and the Fresnel in my photoshoot with model Nadja I achieved amazing results. 

The Aparo Meteor 30 is a full color LED tube light with a built-in battery, offering a color temperature range from 2000K - 20000K. On top we get customization settings in every mode, that are very professional. The colors are beautiful and the built in effects and animations very useful. 

You can completely operate this light from the Desal Lite + App on your phone

The Inkee GC60 is a 60W bi-color integrated LED light with a built-in 142Wh battery, offering convenient portability. You can use it while charging. Another advantage of the GC 60 is that you can operate it in rain

It provides adjustable color temperature options from 2700K - 6500K, making it a versatile and reliable lighting solution for photographers and videographers on the go.

The Viltrox H18 a double sided tube LED light featuring on one side the CCT mode with an adjustable color temperature from 2800K to 6800K and on the other side several RGB modes, including 26 special effects. It comes with removable barndoor leaves.

The built in battery lasts for about 2 hours which makes it a travel friendly solution for creators. 

The Viltrox Sprite 15C is a portable and multifunctional panel light, offering accurate color temperature ranging from 2800K to 6800K and a high CRI. With 15W power output, it provides 26 lighting effects and RGB full color mode, making it a flexible and efficient lighting solution for various photography and videography needs. An NPF Battery is included - which is amazing for this price. 

Most of my reviews are not sponsored. If you like you can support my channel by using one of the Amazon Affiliate Links or with a donation. 

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